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Trading spot Gold and Silver
There are many different reasons that drive investors to trade spot gold and silver:
  • Speculation on the price based on the use of analysis  both fundamental or technical.
  • Creating a balanced, diversified portfolio as you can include FX, CFD's, Metals and Indices for a balanced investment strategy.
  • Applying risk management as a hedge against market volatility and financial crises caused by economic, political or social turmoil.
Spot gold and silver trades globally in an over-the-counter market, and prices float freely based on supply and demand. Trading is available 24 hours a day from Sunday at 10:00 pm GMT to Friday at 10:00 pm GMT. There is no central market, however, the main centres for trading spot gold and silver are London, New York, and Zurich.
Mega Trader FX gives you direct access to trade these products, see our trading and education menus for more information.

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