The Japanese currency depreciates to almost a Year low.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 11:52

The Japanese yen declines to a 10-month low against the Euro dropping to 116.77 after battling with 116.96 but failing to subdue.  This is the weakest that the Japanese currency dropped since May 2010. 

The American currency had been rising higher against the yen, as yen fell to 82.90 per dollar.

Furthermore Japan's Industrial Production for the preliminary Year on Year came out for the month of February with lower than expected results at 2.8%, much lower than 3.5% on the previous results.

Everything for Japan is looking sluggish.  Hoping for an end in the nuclear disaster is all that can be done as no one is in the situation where they can say they have got this matter under control.  Radioactive iodine continues to polute the sea more than 3000 times the limit.