Swiss frank is falling against euro

Friday, 7 September 2012 06:33

Moved in the last two days of the euro / Swiss franc courses, which have been stuck for quite some time in the near 1.20 levels. From the first, however, as 1.203, and 1.208 as the resistance is broken through the exchange rate, which after a long day could very well rise. This is due both to the European Central Bank (ECB) were positive announcements and rumors are circulating that it might be moving up to 1.22 according to the exchange rate of the Swiss National Bank.
However, it is important to see that any continuous spread rumors that it may be pushed up to 1,20 sávaljat down about a year ago, but this is not any official announcement. However, the recent macro data confirm that Switzerland is not too good for a strong franc.The gross domestic product (GDP) for the same data can be worse than expected, and deflation is growing in the country, this means that the interest would be for the central bank to weaken the franc. In addition, it seems that the current environment is considered appropriate to release from the narrow lanes of the euro / franc exchange rate they’ve kept it so that filters speculators. However, it is still difficult to say whether the rise of the Swiss National Bank on Friday also played a role, that is actually entered that market intervention or the operator only erected the cross.

A recent analysis by Barclays were also supported by the risks of Greece and the rest of the periphery are significantly reduced. In their view, if the period ahead of the markets in the longer term it will be quite calm Swiss central bank will raise up to 1.20 bar. In their view, this is realized within 6 months.