Slight recovery for Euro after all-time low versus Swiss Franc

Thursday, 26 May 2011 11:35

Yesterday's Euro session had mixed feelings, trading flat against the Dollar and lower versus the Streling and Swiss Franc.  Today's session seems to be a little brighter for the 17 nation European currency as it's trading stronger against the Dollar above the 1.40 zone, at a high of 1.4188 and continuing to currently trade at 1.4175. 

EUR/CHF fell dramatically to reach an all-time low of 1.2269 in yesterday's session.  The 1.22 line didn't last long, as it recovered slightly and is trading currently at 1.2333.

EUR/GBP also fell to trade at 0.8632, marking a 10-month low.  As with the Franc, the downfall didn't last long and the pair recovered to trade at 0.8701 in today's session.

European Central Bank president, Trichet, is about to speak later today about common problems surrounding the European Union; namely Interest Rates and Inflation.  This conference meeting isn't prone to affect the currency to a great level, but traders are interested as the head of ECB controls and has great infulence over interest rates and the euro's value.