Greece waits for vote to pass

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 03:29

Things have been chaotic outside the Greek Parliament today, as clashes and riots have been breaking out between police and the protestors.  Greece is looking like a right warzone.

The curcial vote is still being awaited for.  The announcement should be released shortly, right after Papandreou will have finished his speech.  The government seems to be gathering more support.  If today's vote passes, Greece will be expecting yet another vote tomorrow, Thursday, about further implementation laws.

The Euro has been holding strong since yesterday, as hopes of accepting the austerity plan have been evident.  The European currency has shot up strongly to trade at a day high of 1.4448 against the U.S Dollar.  Today's session was mostly steady in the 1.4300 – 1.4400 zone.  Currently, the pair is trading a little lower than the day's high; at 1.4425.