German can legally save European Union

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 02:55

The German Constitutional Court on Tuesday decided to not conflict with the country’s constitution and legal system of the euro zone rescue fund established EU crisis management and the new European fiscal pact.
This basically means that the euro crisis has been averted major obstacle to the solution of which is one and a half years of the serious uncertainty in the markets. The Board has indicated, there are certain circumstances, such as to guarantee that the planned 190 billion euros to the Euro saved no more to spend.The German constitutional court Wednesday morning announced the decision of whether permanent crisis in the euro zone base, and the European Union fiscal pact rules contrary to or not such tight control of maneuver German constitution.The Board decided to reject the groundless qualifies and the ratification of the EU rules in Germany – German law fit – to prevent starting submissions. Peter Gauweiler Christian Social politicians rejected submissions, which were concerned that the rescue package will not launch until the European Central Bank revokes the country debts for buying decision.The College is a two-stage decision-making process, the first phase was concluded. Voßkuhle Andreas, Chairman of the German Constitutional Court pointed out that the recent decision of a temporary euro rescue package. The main question then hold a hearing. Now basically it was decided that the EU mechanism is compatible with the principles of the German legal system.