EURUSD down by 50 pips

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 04:45

United States Core Durable Goods were released earlier today, causing movement between currencies such as Euro vs. U.S Dollar.

The report came out lower than expected, dipping to – 0.1% from an expected 0.1%.  Core durable goods slipped in August to – 0.1% from July's 0.7% index.

This report measures the change in the total value of new purchase orders placed with manufacturers for durable goods. 

Euro/U.S Dollar acted on a rush upwards for less than two minutes, moving less than 10 pips up to 1.3651.  The pair then bungee-jumped from 1.3651 to 1.3614 in less than 10 minutes.  Moving even further, the pair went as low as 1.3603 after the news release.