Euro slips as there is no handle to hold on

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 12:12

Troubles in Europe are making it hard for the European currency to stand on its feet.  Greece's debt crisis pulled the Euro lower than it has been since March.  The Euro seems to be depending on daily news, such as German IFO results and Greece's false news of snap elections in order to attempt to make a higher move.  Yesterday's German IFO news pushed a Euro up for an instant, before fading away to drop again. 

German Gfk indicator earlier today came out at 5.5, lower than previous 5.7;  while expectations were anticiapted to deliver at 5.6.  The news release caused the Euro to flactuate downwards against the Greenback to trade at 1.4014, but recovered to 1.4069 as it is currently trading.