Euro shoots up to 1.3934.

Thursday, 15 September 2011 05:15

Jobless claims in the United States rose for the week ended September 10th, from last week's 417,000 individuals filing for unemployment to 428,000 this week.  Up by 11,000 from prior annoucement, this is the highest figure released since June 2011.  Unemployment claims didn't meet the economists' expectations as forecast predicted that jobless claims this week would drop by 7,000 to 410,000.

United States living costs also rose by 0.4% in Aguust while expectations were calculated that CPI would drop to 0.2%; July saw a 0.5% rise in the cost of living.

EURUSD saw huge fluctuation around the time of all the news releases.  The Euro rose extraordinarily from 1.3780 to 1.3934 in just less than an hour.  The pair is currently trading a little lower than the 1.3934 session high, at 1.3890.