Dollar staying steady;

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 02:57

Earlier in the day, the British currency was rising higher against the Dollar; reaching 1.6426 while anticipating U.K Consumer Price Index.  Meanwhile the news was expected to be released the pair rose even more to 1.6440, only to fall to 1.64 after the release and currently trade much lower at 1.6396. 

United Kingdom's Consumer Price Index remained unchanged in May, at 4.5%; mirroring April's results. 

EUR/GBP is currently trading at 0.8803.  The pair didn't fiddle in today's trading session, remaining quiet.  The Pound dropped against the Euro last week as the pair jumped from trading the constant 0.88 zone to 0.89; but this didn't last long.

The Dollar managed to make a correction versus the Euro last week.  EUR/USD rose to a staggering 1.4640 from a constant trade of 1.43.  The high price didn't last long, at the pair dropped to the 1.44 line again.