Consumer Spending released in U.S

Friday, 27 May 2011 04:57

The Dollar continues to be under pressure by most major currencies, even though there were some slight gains.  EUR/USD fell from today's 1.4280 to the current 1.4237, as GBP/USD is trading lower from 1.5460 to 1.5419; its current level.

The U.S Dollar rose versus the Japanese Yen to trade at 81.27.  The rise was caused as Japan was downgraded by Fitch rating earlier today, permitting the Dollar to jump. 

Few news releases were announced not long ago about Consumer Spending, Disposable Spending and Consumer Price Index. 

Consumber Spending fell by 0.1% from prior as well as expected 0.5%, at 0.4%.  Disposable Personal Income remain steady and unchanged at 0.4%.  Lastly, Consumer Price Index rose by 0.1% from previous reports of 0.1%; adding to a rise of 0.2%; as was predicted by analysts.