CHF tops USD and EUR

Friday, 27 May 2011 12:56

The Swiss Franc took a turn for the better as it's rising higher against major currencies such as the American Dollar and the 17 nation currency.  CHF hits all-time record highs against both currencies; USD/CHF slumped by 0.9% from 0.8620 to 0.8531, hurting the Dollar while making the Swiss merrier.  The record high versus the Euro reached 1.2162.

Switzerland announced its monthly KOF Economic Leading Indicator, in line with last month's resutls and higher than what was expected.  At 2.30, the KOF Economic Barometer remains the same with prior results, while it was expected to drop from 2.30 to 2.22. 

USD/CHF is currently trading at 0.8559.  EUR/CHF is trading near the Swiss record high at 1.2165.

The Swiss Franc is proving to be one of the best performing and leading currencies out in the Forex market at the moment.