Ban Ki-moon: World needs a new growth model

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 01:31

The world needs to adopt a new model of dynamic economic growth and sustainable development, that is for all. We need to make a choice between yesterday’s crises and opportunities of tomorrow, said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in a speech at a meeting of the General Assembly United Nations (UN) in New York , according to press service of the UN economic portal RBC Daily reports. Ban Ki-moon warned that current efforts to overcome the global economic crisis are not accompanied by job creation, the elimination of inequality and poverty. ‘Every day we read about the current crisis in the euro area. In some places, people talk about “recovery”, but to some extent it is a recovery without having to create new jobs. Since the beginning of economic and financial crisis, about 200 million people have lost jobs and income that, ‘said Secretary General of the United Nations, adding that in many places, there is an escalation of poverty and social inequality, and hardly progress in development is still in danger. According to the old economic model is no longer operable. ‘We need to create a new dynamic model of economic growth’ – Ban Ki-moon said, noting that today we need a ‘revolution in ideas about the basics of dynamic growth and prosperity of future generations’, and a new paradigm based on a stable economy, decent jobs and opportunities for all. In the next decade, said UN Secretary General, you will need to create more than 400 million jobs and serious measures to combat inequality, warning that failure to resolve the crisis of employment and inequality problem likely to upset social cohesion and political stability worldwide