Aussie and Yen fall after news releases

Thursday, 12 May 2011 11:23

The country's current account surplus was released by the Japanese Ministry of Finance, falling to 1679 billion Yen for March while anticipation was along the line of 1745 billion Yen.  The release for March rose by 38 billion Yen from February's previous figure of 1641 billion Yen.

After the news report the Japanese currency weakened contrasting the U.S Dollar and traded at USD/JPY 81.15 from 81.02.  The pair is currently trading at 81.06, strengthening the yen slighty from the 13 pip fall.

EUR/JPY rose from 115.06 to s high of 115.81, then steadied at 115.25 that it is presently trading.

The Australian Dollar also fell against the U.S Dollar after Australian news about jobless claims and employment change were released with a negative attitude; as opposed to what was expected.  While jobless rates remained the same at 4.9%; employment change fell by a staggering 22.1K from an expected 17.6K.

The much larger than expected fall in employment caused AUD to hit down against USD to 1.0585 from 1.0690, closing down to last week's low of 1.0535.  Some hours later the Aussie recovered a bit to currently trade at 1.0623 against the Greenback.

EUR/AUD is currently trading at 1.3381.  The Euro rose as the Aussie fell from 1.3295 to 1.3386 after the negative for Australia news.