Asian Markets quiet

Thursday, 14 April 2011 09:27

Asian markets were off or slight up on low volume trading. Australia is down as well but all in the 0.50~1 % levels. With commodities taking a breather and central banks looking at inflationary issues the markets have lost some momentum.

Currencies are similar, the Euro is probably going to take another run at the magic 1.4520 level which has been a resistence level for some time now. The pound is trading at 1.6347 slight up on the day and other pairs are lacklustre.  

On the commodity side crude is off slightly currently at 109.51, Gold is at 1465.28 more or less flat, Silver is at 40.72 up 1.117. corn, Wheat and Soybean are all off and Cotton and Cocoa are both up.