Forex Trading Competition


Rolex Forex Trader Competition




1. Rolex Trading Period:

The competition will begin on the 1st of September and will be ongoing for three months, ending 1st of December.  Current competition standings can be found here.


2. Entry Requirements:

All existing customers trading with MegaTrader FX are welcome to participate. Real accounts created during the competition period will be automatically included in the Rolex Trading competition.


3. Judgment of Winner:

All participants will be competing for a brand new Rolex Watch.

The competition will be based on trading.

There will be only one winner . The first Rolex Trader with the highest number of closed lots will be determined the winner of the Grand Rolex prize.


4. Rolex Trader Conditions:

  • Entirely based on highest number of closed lots.
  • Only trades that were performed during the 1st of September until the 1st of October will be taken into consideration for the competition. 
  • No minimum number of lots are required by the end of the competition. 
  • No minimum or maximum deposit is required to be made in order to enter the competition.
  • By the end of the competition, the Rolex Trader's equity must be positive in order to be eligible for the prize.
  • If two or more Rolex Traders end the competition with the same number of closed lots acquired, victory will be announced to the Rolex Trader with most profitable trades closed from the starting to the ending period of the competition.


5. Deposits/Withdrawals.

  • During the competition, participants may fund their Rolex trading accounts as many times as they wish.
  • Participants will have the option to withdraw funds from their trading accounts at any time desired during the competing period; but if withdrawals are executed during the Rolex Trading period, the competitors will be disqualified from the competition.


6. Use of Competition for Promotional Purposes:

Participants in the “Rolex Trader” Competition, which is supported by MegaTraderFX limited., will be able to watch daily updates of the competition on MegaTrader's website (


During the competition, results with top performing participants will be published on MegaTrader's website; information on the website will only include the Rolex Trader's account number, number of lots closed and the country which the trader is situated in.


After the Rolex Trading competition has ended, the winner's account number, number of lots closed and country situated in will be published on the MTFX (MegaTraderFX) website for as long as necessary.


7. Disentitlement:

Rolex Trader participants can be excluded from the competition in case of any indiscretion in trading, parallel to over leveraging, misuse or orders where 'scalping' may be involved.

MegaTraderFX reserves the right to disqualify any participants found in violation.


8. Delays, Postponement or Cancellation:

MegaTraderFX holds no responsibility for any delays in transmission of orders, due to connection failure or breakdown.

MegaTraderFX reserves the right to prolong, alter dates or even cancel the Rolex Trader competition.


9. Terms:

  • Any trader wishing to be excluded from the competition can e-mail the request to:
  • Official language for the Rolex Trading Competition is in English.
  • Employees, service providers, associates, producers and/or suppliers associated with this competition as well as immediate family and friends are not eligible to participate in the competition. 



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