Forex Bonus

Once you open a real account with Mega Trader FX, you will receive a 20% Free Forex Bonus on your first deposit. This bonus can be used for trading purposes subject to the terms described below and is distinct from our Forex Loyalty Bonus.


How to receive the 20% Bonus:

1. By opening any type of real account your account will qualify to receive your free Forex Bonus.

2. Deposit funds in your account.  The cash bonus is equal to 20% of the amount deposited. e.g. if the first deposit is USD 5,000 then the cash bonus will be 20% x 5,000 = USD 1,000. The maximum bonus is USD 2,000.  Within 24 working hours after the first deposit is made, the bonus will be credited to your trading account and may be used for trading. For non-USD accounts, the Bonus will be credited to the trading account in the currency of the account in question.


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